29 August 2021 to 2 September 2021
Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot
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Construction Improvements of Electrically Conductive Concrete Heated Pavement System: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for Future Projects

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Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Many agencies allocate a lot of time and resources to clear infrastructure systems (e.g., roads, bridges, and airports) from ice and snow every winter season using traditional snow removal equipment, and apply salt, and de-icing chemicals. Electrically conductive concrete (ECON) heated pavement system (HPS) is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to melt ice and snow. ECON is a carbon fiber reinforced concrete that due to the presence of carbon fiber (conductive agent) has low median electrical resistivity which allows the electricity to flow through the concrete by applying the electricity through the embedded stainless steel electrodes in ECON layer. The inherent resistance against electricity flow in concrete generates heat which is being used in ECON HPS to melt ice and snow on the surface.
ECON HPS construction is different compared to the construction of a regular concrete pavement system since it consists of two lift paving, two different concrete mixes and utilizing stainless steel electrodes with electrical connection to the power supply. The recent ECON HPS demonstration project has been constructed at the south parking lot of Iowa Department of Transportation in Ames, Iowa. This project consists of 12 instrumented slabs and this paper is focused on the improvement ideas and lessons learned from the full-scale demonstration project in regard to the construction method, management, scheduling, and instrumentation of the concrete pavement system. These improvements in the construction of this unique concrete pavement system will increase the future paving quality and significantly decrease the time and cost in construction.

Primary author

Mr Amir Malakooti (Iowa State University)


Mr Sajed Sadati (Iowa State University) Dr Halil Ceylan (Iowa State University) Dr Sunghwan Kim (Iowa State University)

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