29 August 2021 to 2 September 2021
Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot
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Laboratory and field tests on a prefabricated steel-bar mesh panel system for continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)

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Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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The population decrease of working age is a social problem in Japan, especially, the aging and decrease of workers in construction fields are a serious concern. Construction systems should be reconsidered to improve the productivity. Prefabrication system is an effective way for shortening construction periods. In fact, various precast-concrete members have been employed to contribute rapid construction and quality improvement. It is hard to use precast concrete members in highway pavement because joint-less pavement is required for safety and comfortable driving. Continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP), which has advantages of concrete joint-less and high ductility, is a suitable method for the highway road. In typical CRCP of Japanese highway, transverse rebars are arranged to the angle of 60 degree of the main rebars to reduce horizontal cracking along transverse rebars. Note is that the troublesome rebars placement and bonding in conventional CRCP are a cause of heavy labors due to the long construction time. The authors developed a prefabricated steel-bar meshes for CRCP and reported some advantages based on practical applications (Katayama et al., 2018). To examine the fundamental properties of the mesh-panels, a laboratory experiment and a simulated field test were conducted. The most concern for welded rebars is failure due to cyclic loading. Flexural fatigue loading test using CRCP models was conducted. In addition, comparative survey on conventional and the prefabrication system was performed in the simulated filed test to quantify the constructability of CRCP and to observe concrete-cracking. This paper reports these experimental investigations.

Primary authors

Mr Norinobu Katayama (Fujisaki co. ltd.) Mr Kazuhiko Fujisaki (Fujisaki co. ltd.) Mr Takehisa Ueno (Fujisaki co. ltd.) Mr Ryutaro Onishi (Yamaguchi University) Dr Isamu Yoshitake (Yamaguchi University)

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