29 August 2021 to 2 September 2021
Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot
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Impact of the longitudinal evenness on the performance of rigid pavements

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Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Kristina Bayraktarova (Vienna University of Technology)


A new evaluation method of longitudinal evenness of pavements has been introduced in Austria. This method takes into account the structural distress of the pavement construction induced by dynamically increased wheel loads. This allows a realistic estimation of the influence of evenness on the service life of asphalt and rigid pavements. In particular, focus is laid on the consideration of the increased dynamic wheel loads due to unevenness in the estimation of the service life of rigid pavements. The recently introduced mechanistic empirical design method for rigid pavements has been applied on a typical rigid pavement construction in order to be able to estimate the unevenness-induced distress and the corresponding reduction in the technical service life. In a subsequent step a technically sound rating scheme is introduced, which is based on the correlation between the assessed Weighted Longitudinal Profile (WLP) and the corresponding reduction of the technical service life of the rigid pavement. Hence, the highway network can be classified in a five-grade system. In addition to the defined intervention thresholds, this rating scheme includes recommendations for the timely maintenance of unevenness related damages for the optimal utilisation of the service life of the pavement.

Primary author

Kristina Bayraktarova (Vienna University of Technology)


Dr Lukas Eberhardsteiner (TU Vienna) Roland Spielhofer (Austrian Institute of Technology) Prof. Ronald Blab (TU Vienna)

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