29 August 2021 to 2 September 2021
Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot
UTC timezone

Scientific Programme

  • Design and Analysis


    Anything related to the design, either standardized procedures or novel design techniques, and/or the analysis of pavements either by numerical methods, empirical methods, or a combination of both.

  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation


    Anything related to standardized or new maintenance procedures or policies such as diamond grinding,surface friction, etc. or standardized or new procedures related to rehabilitation techniques such as rapid patching, pre-cast pavements, etc.

  • Materials


    Anything related to materials used in concrete pavements including, but not limited to cement, SCMs, aggregates, admixtures, sealers, etc.

  • Construction Methods


    Anything related to construction procedures, techniques, technologies, etc. that improve the constructability of concrete pavements.

  • Long Term Durability


    Anything related to prediction, design, or analysis of long term concrete pavement durability.

  • Laboratory Characterization


    Anything related to laboratory scale testing either using standardized procedures or novel research techniques.

  • Field Test Projects


    Anything related to implementation, design, monitoring, etc. of field scale projects either with accelerated load sections performed at large laboratories or pilot projects constructed by agencies or case studies of particular situations/scenarios.

  • Sustainability and Life Cycle Cost


    Anything related to sustainability from design, materials, procedures as well as anything related to characterizing and/or improving the life cycle cost of a concrete pavement.

  • Novel and Innovative Techniques


    Anything that is not a standardized process that is emerging in the world of concrete pavements.

  • Other


    Anything not covered by the other tracks.

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